Research inquiry

The research dimension of this project asks what performance and performative explorations offer to a social intervention in this domain. Through practice, negotiation and critical reflection, the project seeks to develop effective strategies to facilitate participants’ intersectional identities to be articulated through performance.

The place of the arts in relation to the recognition of the importance of opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and genderqueer people and, moreover, the function of community and collaboration are significant to identity formation because the arts provide a vehicle and a platform for exploration and articulation within a structured process.

The ultimate aim of the research inquiry within the INTERarts project is to further develop a model of practice for the use of the arts as a method and a methodology in related contexts, with other community groups.

This section of the website focuses on the research findings related to that inquiry.  I present the wider context of the research, the methods employed within the practice and the findings that have emerged through the project, specifically those relating to the use of the arts as a method for intervention, social cohesion and shifting cultural norms.

I analyse the findings related to the structures and strategies within the project such as, for example, the stimulus material used as part of an exercise to provide a catalyst for participants’ own creative ideas. I also suggest a model of good practice for using the arts within LGBTQ communities. These findings will be of value to people involved in intergenerational project work, other project work with LGBTQ people and to arts practitioners broadly.

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