Their experience

Towards the end of the workshops as the art works began to take shape, we asked the participants about their experience.  Here are some selected quotes from these interviews:

“[W]e had loads of support – really good – possibly the best facilitators I’ve come across. You know, they made the space feel safe and you felt able to do what you wanted.” – Older participant

“[M]y piece was directly stimulated by several conversations I had with some of the younger members.” – Older participant

“[T]here are differences and similarities with us [older and younger LGBTQ people] so it’s all very interesting and I have had fabulous conversations with people, really really good. There were times in which we were on breaks and we were hanging about, chatting, it was good as the workshops.” – Older participant

“I think that the art focus is fantastically important […] because there is going to be an end product it focuses people and avoids some of the self-consciousness about what we are here for and some of the feelings of slight artificiality you can get in getting people together just to discuss, although that in itself it can be valuable, but I think it was particularly that it had the art focus.” – Older participant

“I think there has been some divide in the LGBT community, especially in the trans community with older and younger people and I think bringing together older and younger trans people especially is a good idea because of the different eras in which people grew up, different approaches to gender identity…I think it’s really important to have a healthy discussion about what we feel about gender identity.” – Younger participant

“I haven’t really spoken to older people in my life before, I have never had any contact aside from my grandparents,[…] and especially LGBT older people.  So it’s really interesting to see what they thought about age and their own age and how that affects them.” – Younger participant

“I haven’t thought about it before, but there are no older LGBTQ people in the media and that’s quite disgusting because […] why shouldn’t they be given a platform?” – Younger participant

“I think I am more positive about growing older because I am seeing more people in the older LGBTQ community and I am realising that you don’t get old and decrepit and die…you become quite beautiful and you evolve as a person and there are services out there for you if you need help if you are an older LGBTQ person” – Younger participant

“It’s been really interesting to work with people who have lived as LGBT in a different time – it’s been a bit of an eye opener.” – Younger participant

“Being able to relax and feel like completely myself has been a really amazing experience.” – Younger participant

“It’s made me a lot more secure in my identity.” – Younger participant

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