Queer Voices by Elizabeth Clarke and Isaac Gustafsson Wood 

Queer Voices is a short film by an older lesbian and a younger transman. It explores gender identity, sexuality and age through voice, image and the spoken word. The film is about the experiences of being LGBTQ and emerging from imposed silence to finding a voice.


Talking age, sexuality and gender  (a short film) by Michelle Ross and Ursie Pfister

Talking age, sexuality and gender is a short film with clips taken from participants and organisers of  the INTERarts Project. It features younger and older members of the LGBTQ community talking about their experiences of age, sexuality and gender identity, and their ideas of how to translate these into a piece of art.


Who are You? (a short film) by Angella~Dee Sherriffe and Jennie Lazenby 

ʻWho are You?ʼ is a short film where various TQI LBG people were asked that very simple question. The responses all seemed so different at first, but once I started editing I realised that most people had actually said the same thing but in very different ways! I hope the blending in the edit reflects this. Interviewers – Jennie and Angella~Dee; Camera – Jennie and Angella~Dee; Editing – Angella~Dee.  This is an excerpt of the film


Breaking Barriers (a short film) by Liam Mercer

This animation piece represents the breaking down of barriers, the increased acceptance and rights of LGBTQ+ people over the years.

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